2018 has been a rollercoaster for me personally. I hit so many milestones and created more wonderful memories around the world. Let’s begin.


As I was frantically looking for jobs I was reached out by a recruiter from Adobe! What a great way to start the year because this came unexpectedly. And this changed the rest of my 2018.


WE ARE SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONS! It has almost been a year and I am still so proud of my city. Yes, I knew little about sports, but you can’t deny the fact that it was one of the best moments for those who went to school in the Philadelphia area. Seriously, what a time to be alive. #PHILLYPHILLY


A huge milestone of my life as I was hired by Adobe! Somehow I finessed my way through all the interviews and got offered the job on the spot. Ok, just kidding, I worked hard for this opportunity. And after that it’s safe to say I was mentally checked out of school…

Another milestone for my passion of photography also happened in March. I was reached out by Old City Jewish Art Center to showcase some of my works in Bala Cynwyd. I lived my Pam Beasley moment, just slightly better ;)



Third time in New Orleans. Definitely bittersweet as it was my last year to attend AMA’s conference. As usual I had the best time of my life with my fellow members.

I also turned 22 with all my closest friends whom surprised me at our pregame. It was one of the happiest nights of my life; I am so grateful to have so many kind-hearted friends who care about my well being. I love y’all.


I graduated college! Temple University has given me everything. A diploma, a beautiful city and most importantly my wonderful friends. It was also a bittersweet moment as I realized we would all be separated soon due to new jobs.

After graduation my best travel pal Conor and I took a trip to Austin, TX following our tradition. We met the nicest people and ate a lot of delicious food. Definitely a great way to celebrate my achievements and our friendship.


My mom and I spent 20 days in Asia including Hong Kong, ShenZhen and Taipei. If you know me, I always try to squeeze some of my time to visit my relatives and old friends in Hong Kong. This year was no different. Of course, it wouldn’t be an Asia trip without stuffing myself with amazing food.


Easily the hardest month of the year as I packed up my bags and moved cross country. Saying goodbyes to my friends SUCKED. But helllloooo San Francisco!


I started my first big girl job at Adobe. I am so lucky to have my coworkers as some of my good friends in San Francisco. They made my transition here so much easier. To sum up August, it was a one big happy hour. Seriously, Adobe knows how to throw parties.



There wasn’t much going on this month except I joined Barry’s Bootcamp (which I’m addicted to), became a Team Member at Corepower Yoga (where I got Team Member of the Month… lol) and went to my first wine tasting in Sonoma. Solid month.


I got my second tattoo! I kind of made a decision on a whim a few weeks before I went in but it’s definitely worth it. I am so in love with the art on my body. Huge shout out to Anita Rossi for this piece of art that reminds me to go travel more while I can. Sorry mom…



With all the California fire that was happening I decided to buy a last minute ticket to visit my friend Marlon in Phoenix. Best decision ever. In 2 days I got to spend time with him while crossing The Grand Canyon off our bucket list! What a weird thing to say but I love nature, and rocks.


Ah, the holiday season. This year I spent Christmas in Jamaica with my best friend from home. It was a much needed vacation. Soon after I was home with all my friends and spent NYE in Brooklyn. Last year I spent NYE on a plane while missing out on all the festivities. So it’s safe to say this year made up for it.


This year was filled with ups and downs but overall 2018 has treated me well.

Welp, if you read this far, might as well read my goals for this year.

2019 Personal Goals:

  1. Read more than 5 books

  2. Go out and shoot more photos

  3. Consider selling my prints

  4. Gain more exposure on IG

  5. Exercise/Eat cleaner

  6. Learn more Photoshop/Lightroom skills

  7. Make more friends in the photography community in SF

  8. Spend less money/Save for traveling

  9. Let things be

  10. Give less shit about what others think

Some of them are probably unrealistic (like I love food too much) but I will try my best to stick to them. Here’s to a better year!